Creative Designs by Mimi - Remember, the party starts with the invitation!

Helpful Tips

The first thing to consider is the style of your invitations. This should mirror the intended style of your wedding. Invitations should match with the color scheme of your wedding.

They may also have a graphic design in the background or a decorative border.

If your wedding has a theme, you can start out by applying the theme to your invitations.

Typeface: Typeface is also an indicator of style and formality. Formal scripts or romantic/antique fonts are used most often for formal invitations. For more casual affairs simple, clean scripts or are recommended. The wording of your invitation will also reflect the style of your wedding.

Ordering: When ordering your invitations order extras. Remember that mistakes can and will happen. Creative Designs by Mimi recommends that you order at least twelve extra sets of invitations and envelopes. The extra sets may be kept as a keepsake for yourself, as well as family and friends.

Save the Date Cards: Give advance notice of an upcoming wedding, and are helpful to guests who must make travel plans to attend or when the wedding will be held at a time when there may be conflicts with other activities, such as on a major holiday weekend. They are also especially helpful for alerting guests about a destination wedding. These generally can be mailed three to six months prior to the wedding date, but may be sent earlier for destination weddings where reservations must be made during a particularly popular vacation period. These cards should also match your intended color palette and wedding style.

Reply or Response Cards: These may take the form of a small printed card enclosed with a printed, stamped envelope. They can also be in the form of a postcard, with the response on one side and the return address on the other. Make sure to place a stamp on your reply/response cards whatever form you choose. These enclosures are always included with every invitation so that each guest may respond to your invitation.

Reception Cards: These are used when the guest list for the ceremony is larger than that for the reception. The reception cards would be enclosed only with the wedding invitations for those guests being invited to both the wedding AND the reception.

Wedding Announcements: Very small weddings and elopements are the most common events for which printed wedding announcements are sent. These should be mailed as close to the actual wedding day as possible. Traditionally, the bride’s parents announce the event; however, both parents and the couple may wish to make the announcement.

Ceremony Order of Service Programs: Programs can be very creative and smart additions to your ceremony and are especially helpful to guests of other religions who may not be familiar with your service. This is particularly true when the wedding is a mix of religions and cultures and not all guests are familiar with the liturgy or rituals. The programs may be embellished with ribbons, poetry and religious verses and may also contain the names of the wedding party, a personal message from the bride and groom and your address if you will be moving into a new residence. Ushers can hand programs to each guest as they are seated, or children can hand them out as guests arrive for the ceremony. Programs may also be placed in pews, on chairs, or in baskets by the door where your guests may help themselves.

Thank You Cards: They can also be custom made to match your invitations. They may be ordered with your married names or they may also have only your first names, a monogram or, even more simply, just the first initial of your last name. Make arrangements to have these made along with your invitations to keep costs down.

Timing is everything!: Keep in mind that invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding date. And allow yourself several weeks to address, assemble and mail your invitations. Do not underestimate the time this takes. Allow several weeks to prepare your invitations for mailing. Generally, you should begin making arrangements for your wedding stationary at least five months prior to your wedding date.

Price Ranges At Creative Designs by Mimi: Prices range from $7- $15 per set, depending on your needs. A set includes the invitation, the response card, the response card envelope and the outer envelope.  Any additional inserts can be ordered also according to your needs. There are many variations in each invitation, from paper, number of pieces enclosed, embellishments and design.

Remember!  I offer a one-hour complimentary design consultation to discuss your specific ideas and needs, after which a more accurate idea of pricing can be provided.